92pp Conference booklet 130mm x 210mm





The Brief

Quintessentially English. 

To design the conference book for Empresaria’s yearly event. This year’s location was to be the Cotswolds. The book must have references to the Ellenborough Park Hotel, Cheltenham and the surrounding area. Empresaria Colours - Blue and Red must feature. References to the themes of team-work should be present.


The Idea

Typefaces, layout and imagery

Header - Chapaza 24pt
Subheader - Chapaza 13pt
Body - Palatino 9pt

Serif Fonts chosen to represent the Country House feel. Traditional and classic but with a modern approach. The body font chosen for legibility and style. With the book being fairly small at 130mm x 210mm I didn’t want the body copy to overpower the booklet. 

The layout needed to be breathable and interesting whilst feeling classic and calm. The quote sections break up the copy and imagery. They add a graphic element to the booklet whilst referencing the key theme: Teamwork.

Sporting imagery of teamwork chosen to tie in the overall theme throughout.